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Real Estate and the Coronavirus

Posted on: March 18th, 2020 by , 1 Comment

Real estate investing can be tough enough when times are good.  Throw in a world event and things can get messy very quickly.  We’re sending this email to let you know that as real estate investors ourselves, we feel your pain and are working extremely hard to mitigate your risk and bring you properties you can continue to make money on.  

Steps Sell My House to Smith is taking for you:

  • Buying at bigger discounts – No one knows what impact, if any, the virus will have on the housing market.  What we do know is that uncertain times can motivate people, which will help us bring you better deals.
  • More information on houses – We always try to provide as much info as we can, but in cases where we’re not able to get you access to the house, we’ll provide many more pictures and video.
  • Keeping your social distance – For the near future, showings will either be splitting up to limit the number at each time, or won’t be available for some properties.

What Sell My House to Smith is doing in our own investing:

  • Buying more houses – The fundamentals of our local real estate market haven’t changed.  There’s still almost no inventory and high demand.  Our educated guess is that by the time we buy, fix, and list our flips, that things will have settled down.
  • Advertising more – We feel this virus will motivate people who have been thinking of selling to take action.  In the past few days we’ve pumped an additional $10,000 in marketing to bring you deals, and will continue to do so while the market is hot.
  • Taking advantage of low rates – With Fed rates at 0%, the government pumping trillions into the economy, and banks still lending, we’re looking to borrow more to purchase properties for flips and holds.
  • Being safe – We’re taking every precaution to keep both ourselves and all of our customers as safe as possible.  We’re implementing and washing, hand sanitizer, keeping our distance, and limiting mass gathering.

We wish you health, happiness, and some great real estate deals.  Please let us know if there’s anything at all we can do for you during these uncertain times.


Jeremy Darter 
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    Looking in col springs area still.